Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Piece of Her Heart

After hearing the kind words of so many people at Marian’s service after her passing, I realized that I was just one of the hundreds of people who Marian gave a little piece of her heart, and her time, to show them new ways to enjoy life. I met Marian through a volunteer group for breast cancer patients named Shanti. Marian invited Shanti and me into her life in early 2008. From the first day I met her, I knew that the time I spent with Marian was going to be enjoyable, unique, and enlightening. I initially thought Marian had brought Shanti into her life to have someone help out with things like picking up groceries, organic foods and teas, planting vegetables and flowers, cleaning up around the house, and to find someone to play a tiny, almost insignificant practical and emotional support role relative to the support she received from Len, Austin, her parents and her other family members and friends every day. It became quite obvious, after only a few afternoons with Marian, that like so many other individuals and organizations, I was invited into Marian’s life under the premise that I would be providing the assistance and support, but in reality, it was me who received the gift – the gift of spending time in the presence of someone so unique, selfless, thoughtful, and dynamic. Marian was a truly special person, someone who could make a positive impact on someone’s life in just a few brief moments.

Marian – I only hope our fun days together were even half as meaningful to you as they were to me. I will always miss you, and will never forget you.


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