Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bessie Returns to Marian

Dear friends of Bessie:
This has been a long, painful week. Bessie was taken into the hospital last Monday, February 15th, unable to stand on her own. After many days of iv's, she was able to stand and walk again, though her blood count showed great damage to her kidneys. Everything possible was done to help her recover, but to no avail. Her blood count stayed unbelievably high.

I had a 'reading' Tuesday, and Marian came through, asking us to let her go. Bessie's work here was done, providing Marian with comfort which no human could have done, being with her 24/7. Bessie then came to us after July 2, 2009 to comfort us and help us through our grief. I visited her yesterday and she looked at me with pleading eyes.

Bessie was set free today, Wednesday 24, 2010 at 5 p.m. by Dr. Walters. She will be cremated and her ashes will be put into Marian's space at the Columbarium.

I can see her now, jumping for joy at the sight of Marian, licking her face — they are running and playing, both whole, healthy and full of life — joyous at the reunion of two beautiful spirits.

Thank you all for caring,
Wanda and Philip