Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Xmas Love. Not a day goes by that some part of you: your incredible presence, love of life, literature, art, food, family and friends graces my memory. There's a place in my heart no one can touch Marian but you. I miss you, I love you and I'm so grateful for all that we shared together. How would I have survied my first years in ND without you and Bessie Lamb? You were my biggest supporter, motivator/inspiration and collaborator. You inspired me in a way that I hadn't made contact with in a long time, an artist knows when it feels right and finally it felt right again.

Meg said, "Marian was one of those people with presence, bigger than life, like a movie star." It's true. It amazed me at how heads would turn watching you when we were out and about. You never let on but you knew. You said to me once, "People just don't make an effort in ND (about their dress)". I found it equally amazing at how children were drawn to you. I think they sensed your inner playfulness and skepticism of what the adult world felt was "appropriate". How many other grown women were invited to tea parties? How many other women would not only accept the invitation but delight in the opportunity to dress for the occassion in long gloves and stunning hat with accessories? You never talked down to young people and that too is what drew them to you.

You were a challenge. If you didn't want an honest answer then don't ask, right? You had a way of driving me nuts because practical never seemed to even enter into your world view. But, you also showed me how to live each moment without fear. I've never known anyone that seemed to know how to get the most out of every experience as you.

There's too much to say about you woman so I will try to say it in my art. I hope you'll keep your promise and continue to inspire me. I'm sorry that at times I can't find it in my heart for joyful release. I try, I do but then I just miss you and there is no joy in that for me. All my love. Marilyn

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